Ankle 2.0

So after 7 months of waiting to change insurance and 2.5 years of pushing my luck running in a badly damaged ankle, finally came to an end on February 13th.

Not the the most fun I have ever had but hardly the worst…thank you ankle block!  The antics you’ll read about will hopefully make you grateful, laugh, maybe cry and for sure root for the underdog!  Here’s how this whole ness started:

I guess I’ve been running for 4 years now.  Sort of.  So let me go backwards, it’s easier.  Ragnar   Chicago June 2017.   I survived but I hobbled and hopped my way to my 3rd and final leg finish line.  I cried most of the way.  I figured out a skip gobble pattern that got me thru and it was an emotional day anyway.  No sleep, not much food, purely relying on your own momentum to get thru 36 tough hours with 5 other people in a van.  And my 3rd leg ran thru my deceased StepDad’s college where he taught.  It was a rough day.  We finished, I came home, took two weeks off and the foot didn’t respond.  2 more weeks still nada, and I talked to my doc who told me my inflammation levels were sky high and she’s sending me to a surgeon.  I saw him in August and have been waiting for my insurance to change since then.  No running, no biking, no swimming.  Yuck.  That was the last time I ran.

Before Ragnar prep my last race was the Honolulu marathon in December of 2016. I finished but it wasn’t pretty.  I’ll never do another.  My foot locked up before we started and I spent 10 miles with my foot pointing out like a duck walking my marathon.  Once the swelling got big enough it shifted the plastic and I could run a little.  I spent months training but again always injured, and always right side problems all the way thru marathon training, and the 4 half marathons before that.

I have been working harder and harder and getting slower and slower ever since that fateful day the hardware in my ankle broke after 20+ years.  My poor Toby must have sensed something as the second his nose gently touched my foot, The hardware sheared off, I collapsed onto my kitchen floor with a scream and a long cry, and my poor boy was terrified but stayed by my side.

I made a choice to keep trying to go on.  Was it the right choice, technically no.  But the experiences I had I would never trade other than a couple shity moments.

So now you know the before…the next posts will be part of my (hopefully) triumphant return!