Michele Mathiesen

Making Lemonade…

My life has been blessed with a lot of adversity.  I know it sounds strange to say blessed with adversity but honestly, I would not be where I am, let alone who I am, without those struggles.

A lot of people don’t know my story or they know little pieces but in order to teach, consult and help you, the need for my vulnerability arises.

It is said an unpleasant childhood makes for some of the most interesting adults.  In this case, I should be fascinating!  From bad parental marriages in my childhood that were filled with verbal and animal abuse of my pets, to life changing injuries at age 10 that would plague my 20’s with surgeries, scare me in my 30’s into being inactive (as I was point blank told I would end up in a wheelchair at 40), and then ironically become my motivation to start running in my 40’s.

I have survived being taken a hostage, working for dangerous people, moving to 2 different states, creating a career I loved and then almost losing that career in a serious car wreck.  Working myself into illness on 2 separate occasions (I’m apparently a slow learner), and fighting my way through two full years of medical misdiagnosis, begin made worse to test positive for illnesses and honestly a  ridiculous amount of medical roulette I learned a lot about personal responsibility.

Needless to say, I know a little bit about making lemonade out of lemons.  So here’s the positive side to that story!  I got back to being active after all those ankle surgeries.  Thanks to yoga and some amazing teachers who wouldn’t let me fail, I recovered from my car accident.   After getting sick in my 40’s meditation became my god sent, as well as nutrition, aromatherapy, and changing products that literally made house both a safe haven and a sanctuary.  By my early forties I had regained my health, and started running.  By 45 I had completed 3 half marathons and moved my practice out on it’s own, by 46 I had added an iron distance open water swim (of 2.4 miles) and by 47, I ran my first marathon in Honolulu and my hope is in 2018 I can complete my first 70.3 1/2 Ironman race.

So how did I turn things around? 

A lot of hard work, and a lot of research! 

I had been doing yoga since I was a teenager, I used that to mount my come back…literally every time.  As a result, I have developed my own version of yoga blending all styles of alignment and restorative yoga, meditation, breathwork, corrective exercise and self-massage / myofascial release, call Yoga Fix!  I am also offering a certification in teaching this style of yoga so for more details check out the Yoga Fix Certification Page.

I have also been playing with aromatherapy since I was a kid, but once I got sick it was time to get serious and change the products I was using in my home that was hurting my DNA and the environment.  I have since developed my own cleaning products but I also Custom-Blend essential oils safely for therapeutic uses, see the Aromatherapy page.  I am have received my first certification on the road to many leading (someday) to a Master Aromatherapist.

Meanwhile, I became a Massage Therapist, now 15 years ago.  But as my practice has expanded to many different forms of treatment and even Board Certification, I really prefer the term Bodyworker as what I do really, really differs from what you can find at spa’s or typical massage places so check out the page, Bodywork.  Additionally for some of the stories from my clients as well as life lessons learned, check out the Table Talk page for details on the publishing.

When I was in Massage School I was also exposed to Reiki and became a Master Instructor.  It has been a gift that comes through all my work but it is also really interesting to learn how the body’s energy systems work. For more info check out my Reiki page.

I have also expanded my knowledge to understand how the body works with nutrition.  I am working on a holistic nutrition certificate so that I can safely tell people what I did on my own, so many years ago, see the Nutrition page.  I have great people to refer out to also, but so many basic changes can be what you do at home really simply.

Many folks don’t know I was an Interior Designer in my past, and still, love doing design for friends and family, and my latest project has been my own century-old bungalow!  But to do my move, meant downsizing over half my square footage, and about 90% of my closet and learning to live more minimally, and way more organized that my normal anal self.  To learn more check out my Home & Design page.

Downsizing that much meant a lot of hand works but on a more basic level, it meant living more honestly, getting really clear on goals, identifying my stressors and using specific neuroscience techniques to help move me forward on my new goals.  I was able to do this by putting into practice my newest certification, called EQ (Emotional Quotient Consulting) so check out my EQ  Life Coaching page and see how it can help you with your house, work, lifestyle or event!