Did you know that the National Institute of Health is finally (after being around for 5,000 years) studying the use of plants, plant essences and essential oils in everything from depression to cancer?

Did you know there is an art as well as a science behind aromatherapy? Even if you love your oils how much do you really know about them? Do you know if they are Grade A? Do you know how to open the bottle properly? Do you know which three oils are the only ones typically safe to apply topically? Did you know which oils can react to your medications? Do you know which oils your liver and kidneys can’t actually detoxify? Do you know your household cleaners and daily use products can actually be doing damage to your DNA? Unless you could answer each of these, you really need more information. Pinterest blends are fun (only if you are diffusing them), but serious education exists on all these oils.

This is why you get custom blends from a certified aromatherpist. Anyone can sell an essential oil and even the best of companies who do grow their own and make amazing products do not offer these certifications. You might want to ask why.

If you wouldn’t just take any random pill in any random dose of medication for your particular issues, you need to seek education before using essential oils in any form. Before modern pharmaceuticals took over as little as 100 years ago, plants were medicines since the Egyptians. They are still every bit as powerful. In fact, the major drug companies are the largest world buyers of certain plants. They do know the power of plants. They respect the power of plants. Indigenous cultures all over the world, know the value. In fact in France, Physicians prescribe essential oils but a pharmacist dispenses them.

Knowing what you know now, please respect essential oils and do you homework before you use them. If you don’t want to, come see me. I will do the work. We absolutely should learn everything about oils before we expose our friends, families, loved ones and furry kids to them.

Price varies by the types of oils used and how the product is blended.