Hawaiian Escape

While I’m cleaning my newer diffuser I got the old trusty one started with what promised to be a Hawaiian blend.
It really does take me back to that luscious island without a care in the world!
Here’s the recipe for you to enjoy in your diffuser!
3 drops lavender,
2 drops bergamot,
1 drop each Sandalwood & Grapefruit!

Just Too Much Stuff…

So I never planned to sell my house and minimize my life, carbon footprint, jobs and so on, but a weird series of interrelated events happened and all of the sudden I am a minimalist (work in progress).  Now I am not living with anything.  I still have my creature comforts but they are really things I want and love, not just things sitting on a shelf not being used.

The first time the pang hit I was running with my new, very expensive, hydration vest on a long, long, long 4 hour run.   So as a runner, there is always the challenge (especially as a back of the pack where races don’t seem to notice you as they run out of everything) is to carry all the crap you need.  I mean, everything.  All the nutrition, all the what if’s and even all the water.  Did I mention this is a pain in the ass?  Then add the phone and headphones, base salts, lip balm and so on.  While on short runs I don’t carry more than a handheld water bottle but it too always has the second list of goodies included.  It dawned on me that with the addition of a credit card and another layer of a jacket I could be pretty happy.  With a credit card, I could get a room, wash everything start again and so on.  So basically I was carrying everything I really needed with me at that point.  So….then why did I have so much extra stuff?

The second time the lunacy of what all I was carrying indeed was during my time in Hawaii for my first (and last) marathon.  So of the three of us, I was carrying the least, to begin with, and honestly, if I didn’t have to have all sorts of run gear I think I could have gotten by with a carry-on and a huge purse.  So instead I am dragging a 26″ suitcase (1/2 full), a carry on (stuff you don’t want out of your sight) and a purse.  I was more bogged down than I have been at any other point in my life and it just seemed ridiculous, cumbersome and there would be no way in hell I could run through an airport if my life depended on it.

Later in the trip both the ladies I was traveling with had to buy extra luggage to get home, and honestly, we didn’t buy that much but there were race goodies.  Again, when I looked at what I wore versus what all I brought (did laundry twice) it was ridiculous, run stuff aside.   The third time it hit was the airport lugging all my crap, but now I had a backpack instead of a purse and loved the hands free but I still had a big ass suitcase, when it dawned on me, if I hadn’t had to lug all the run extras, I could have gotten by in a backpack.  I mean I was still in the US so I could get toiletries and pretty much anything else I may need so why did I drag what seemed like half my closet with me?

The answer…because of the what if’s.  What if I needed this…what if I needed that?  I mean I was traveling in the US, what was there that I couldn’t get at least a close approximate if I wanted?