It’s been a month (almost)

I love a good gratitude practice.  I mean I practice it daily but If you ever want a lesson in gratitude….have surgery.  Seriously, I don’t wish it on anyone but somedays there’s a lesson to learn.

It’s very bizarre that one day you suffer mightily to do something and a few days later, magically you can do it.  I guess it must be like being a kid again.

This weeks prime example is:  Thursday night I stood to teach an hour yoga class (great class, not so fun for me).  After class, I stopped and got a whopping 3 things st a grocery store and drove home nearly in tears.  Saturday I taught an aromatherapy workshop (seated) but then did a full shop, stood in the longest checkout line ever, drive home even further, and had do 3 trips up and down stairs to bring everything in (I can’t carry a lot yet) then put it all away…and then had to get an ice pack.

A few days ago loading the dishwasher almost did me in.  Tonight I cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, and even swiffered before sitting.

Not only is this all a lesson in gratitude, but pushing limits mentally (and some physically).  I guess the old quote “if you think you can do something you can, if you don’t think you can do something, you can’t.  Either way you’re right….” has been right all along! 

What’s Your Mantra?

I was watching an episode of Fixer Upper, actually one of many, many episodes over the last few weeks.   Anyway they remodeled a home for a wounded warrior and in the shower they added his mantra.

Yeaterday in one of my oil groups an interview surfaced from Janes Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy, who completed 50 full Ironman’s in as many days, each morning in a new state.  He also had a mantra for the last 30 races, after falling asleep on his bike (literally) and wiping out.  He had an 8 minute epiphany literally. Crazy tough dude.

So that got me thinking. We all need a mantra!  I mean I teach it in yoga mind-body classes all the time but why wasn’t I applying it to my life now, when I needed it the most?

So here it is….Make Every Step Count.  Literally, figuratively and metaphorically.  We never know how much time we have on this ride of life.  We don’t know what new circumstances can surface in our health.  But also something as simple as losing power for a chunk of the day, and the mindfulness that it brings as time ticks slower.  It’s all good, so make it count….

Well I didn’t see that coming….

So yesterday my Mom left to go home.  I’m still gimpy but gaining more independence each day.  It’s tough.  I’ll be honest, everything that you don’t think about…I have to make a huge concerted effort at.  Today was making the bed.  Seriously.  That is a lot of effort, and it still looks crappy lol.

Tomorrow if my first morning, getting the dogs out, feeding/watering them, making the bed and just the typical every day morning routine.  That also means an ice pack after.


Anyway, by the end of the day my pain levels were into the shitty range, which I never see coming until it’s in the bad zone.

But a funny other thing happened.  I burst into tears for about 15 minutes.  Nothing happened.  No one thing started the waterfall.  I think the combined frustration of not being able to do what I’ve wanted for years now, combined with the pain, and the walking on egg shells around someone who’s helping but still in my house when I’m used to privacy,  the putting on a brave face, and the last straw was me missing my one dog who was my cuddler, just finally just all collapsed into a stream of tears.  After I was fine.  Like nothing had happened but the weight of the world lifted just a little bit.

Bottom line if there’s more to rehab then just doing your exercises and “being positive”.  It’s fighting you’re way thru when the odds aren’t always great.  It’s keeping going when folks say, you shouldn’t do “x”.  It’s keeping perspective when your kinda turned upside down due to pain, anesthesia, etc.  It’s staying focused but also allowing a release valve to exist and be used do that indeed you can release the stuff that doesn’t work for you.

Ankle 2.0

So after 7 months of waiting to change insurance and 2.5 years of pushing my luck running in a badly damaged ankle, finally came to an end on February 13th.

Not the the most fun I have ever had but hardly the worst…thank you ankle block!  The antics you’ll read about will hopefully make you grateful, laugh, maybe cry and for sure root for the underdog!  Here’s how this whole ness started:

I guess I’ve been running for 4 years now.  Sort of.  So let me go backwards, it’s easier.  Ragnar   Chicago June 2017.   I survived but I hobbled and hopped my way to my 3rd and final leg finish line.  I cried most of the way.  I figured out a skip gobble pattern that got me thru and it was an emotional day anyway.  No sleep, not much food, purely relying on your own momentum to get thru 36 tough hours with 5 other people in a van.  And my 3rd leg ran thru my deceased StepDad’s college where he taught.  It was a rough day.  We finished, I came home, took two weeks off and the foot didn’t respond.  2 more weeks still nada, and I talked to my doc who told me my inflammation levels were sky high and she’s sending me to a surgeon.  I saw him in August and have been waiting for my insurance to change since then.  No running, no biking, no swimming.  Yuck.  That was the last time I ran.

Before Ragnar prep my last race was the Honolulu marathon in December of 2016. I finished but it wasn’t pretty.  I’ll never do another.  My foot locked up before we started and I spent 10 miles with my foot pointing out like a duck walking my marathon.  Once the swelling got big enough it shifted the plastic and I could run a little.  I spent months training but again always injured, and always right side problems all the way thru marathon training, and the 4 half marathons before that.

I have been working harder and harder and getting slower and slower ever since that fateful day the hardware in my ankle broke after 20+ years.  My poor Toby must have sensed something as the second his nose gently touched my foot, The hardware sheared off, I collapsed onto my kitchen floor with a scream and a long cry, and my poor boy was terrified but stayed by my side.

I made a choice to keep trying to go on.  Was it the right choice, technically no.  But the experiences I had I would never trade other than a couple shity moments.

So now you know the before…the next posts will be part of my (hopefully) triumphant return!


CBS confirms my last blog post…..sadly

So last week I wrote my first blog post in a series about detoxing your house and the hidden number of toxic chemicals that the FDA and others allow into our lives.  THIS IS SCARY SHIT!

Apparently while I was studying about nasty toxic laundry chemicals,  so was CBS.  The article that popped up on my FB page today couldn’t conclude if it was dryer emissions or toxic chemicals in your laundry products but argue the details of the science all you want, one of the two (the dryer itself or the products) released toxic crap into the subjects house!

Does it really matter which one it is?  Honestly none of us are going to go without a dryer.  So we will have to wait for that science to be looked into and determined and regulated, but what you do have control of right now today, is the ability to clean up your products once and for all just get rid of the crap in your house.

The Thieves Premium Starter Kit includes a 15 ML (big) bottle of Thieves oil (this has literally thousands of uses), a toothpaste and a mouthwash, 2 cleaners, 2 foaming hand soaps, 2 sprays, 2 waterless hand purifiers, and even a baby bottle (5ml) of Stress Away, and a bunch of sample goodies. Again this deal is nearly 50% off from buying one item at time, at a $300 value.  While your at it, add the laundry detergent!

Honestly from my early findings on these nasty toxic chemicals we all have got to do something to help keep ourselves and our families safe.  Since the 19540’s prostate cancer is up 200%, Thyroid cancer is up 155% and Brain Cancer is up 70%, and this is with the FDA.  I mean this is kinda crazy that the FDA grandfathered in 100,000 chemicals in 1976 and never did research and never looked into them.  Are we seeing what has happened as a result of that?  We’ll never know and they will never fess up anyway but you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health.

Click this link, or cut and paste depending on your browser, and it will take you to sign up (remember sign up as wholesale to get 24% off retail pricing for the rest of your life whether you ever sell a single thing or just get your own products cheaper!!!) to get a jump start of detoxing your house.  I’ll post more detoxing posts in the coming weeks but I think we all see the need to start and before you clean for holidays and company why not o it safely.



Laundry Room Detox

I read somewhere this last week that the most toxic product in our homes was…..ready for this…..fabric softener sheets.  Seriously, fabric softener sheets.  Ouch!  For some of us who do a shit ton of laundry a week this is not what I wanted to hear.  So I looked on snopes ( and while they were denying what the person who made the claim said, they by enlarge proved my point, in that items listed as GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) may indeed not be.  So if I have the choice, no offense to the FDA but y’all have made some major blunders, I’m going to choose the safe way….less chemicals.

So enter my own homework. It seems to me that if I can smell my dryer sheets on my porch, thru a closed door, just sitting in the box, and through out my house just because the box is open….maybe this isn’t good.   Then I tried a certain brand that make little pellets that you can throw in the washer with your detergent that acts as a fabric softener.  Strike 2, ingredients include perfume dispersant, perfumes, and dye and go to the website for actual ingredients.  OK I am reading between the lines a bit but I am not thinking I need a chemical perfume dispersant on things that are touching my skin, which is the largest organ in your body, which we know is porous.

So then I looked at detergents.  I have always liked the pod things.  Until the last few didn’t break open in the wash and stayed stuck to a sheet…throw that one away as good luck, even rewashing didn’t work.  So then I read the back of that container, and one line caught my eye.  If pods stick together, do not try to separate.  Really?  Contains nonionic and anionic sufectants,  ethoxylated polyethylene polyamine and enzymes.  Hmm. I know sufectants and enzymes but the middle word threw me so I googled it. What came up where patents and so on so no help.  Then I pulled the MSDS sheet for my beloved pods…not so good.  Did you know they may cause gastrointestinal distress?  Skin irritation I get, but moderate eye irritation and transient respiratory irritation.  Seriously?

So for the good news.

Wool Dryer Balls (  Pure wool. Nothing else.  Reduces dryer time by 25% , good for 1000 loads, and is $24.95 for 6!  OK you have me interested. So I just tried them today.  No weird smell, didn’t get wound up like bad origami in a dryer full of twin sheets (that’s a miracle in its own right. And indeed sheets dried faster.  These are Fluffies…lol, it’s exactly what they look like!

Fluffies Dryer Balls

Then I tried a plant based laundry detergent.  It’s no surprise I like Young Living products as I like what they stand for so I thought I would try a bottle a few month ago.  What I found out then, was it gets rid of that weird lycra, athletic clothes smell, and the other thing I did notice was that I used so little product.  Literally using 1/4 of a capful for a HE washer. that means I should get 64 loads of out my 32oz bottle.  Plant based cleaner is a win for me.  Even less packaging is a win. Now yes it smells like Thieves going into the wash but not once clothes are out of the dryer which is a win as I don’t want my clothes to really smell like anything.  And then without thinking I went back to my pods.  So when I decided to start my Detox Revolution, I pulled the bottle back out and fecided to read the label.  Still a bunch of ingredients I don’t know, but how about the label that reads free from: SLS, Dyes, Petrochemicals, Formaldehyde (yikes others have this?), Phosphates, Synthetic Perfume and Optical Brighteners….wait optical brightners?  That’s a thing?  Apparently yes.

So I am calling the combo of wool dryer balls and YL Thieves Laundry Detergent a win for me.  Clean product wise, the dryer balls are ridiculously cheap at $4.15 per ball ( my box of dryer sheets had 80 for $5 so 1000 loads would be 13 more boxes), and the detergent is $28.75 per bottle at 64 loads is $.45 a load, my pods were $.42 a load…but I would have to buy 2.5 bags (26 count pods) in order to get the same quantity of loads.  Pretty much an even call that’s a lot better to the environment, less packaging and won’t create digestive distress from something on my clothes.

Hope you enjoyed the first step of my Detox Revolution!  I am sure there are plenty of other products out there but I am using up what I have first  so I don’t have to add a lot of extra products to my century old (translated no storage) home as the goal is to simplify, streamline and find better products as I go!


Time for a Detox

This photo just makes me take a deep breath and feel settled.  Why?  Nature is a detox.  You know how good you feel after walking in the woods, going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, etc.  Why can’t we take that home with us?.  Why can’t we bring that feeling into our homes and our lives.  Why do we settle on just having that feeling when we our on vacation?

The long and short of it is, we can have that feeling but you’re going to have to do some work, make some hard choices and so on.  What brought this to my attention is nearly two weeks ago my middle dog had a lump. We all get that pit in our stomach concerned about what that may mean. I found out last Friday that indeed that pit in my stomach was right, sadly. So that made me do a ton of research this weekend ( and see what was available. I don’t have the money and at 12-1/2 years old I don’t want to put her through anything I don’t have to. This got me thinking.

And then there was the FB article on BPA free plastics being endocrine interrupters (translated really bad for you and future generations of you), and then I looked at my old pan with the dark grey coating (there’s a certain brand name attached) that is scratched, which we know is a carcinogen. Then I remembered a book I read from Kris Carr called Crazy, Sexy Cancer. If you don’t know her story, you should, and honestly you should read this specific book.  Then there’s my own health challenges dealing with auto-immune stuff.  And an upcoming surgery that isn’t going to be a lot of fun, but can I find more holistic ways to get strong and healthier pre-surgery?  And then there is the toxicity of god only knows what in literally every product in the house.  Read some labels if you don’t believe me.

In this day and age where everything it touted as healthy, but seriously seems unhealthy, I gotta be honest….I am over it. I am taking a stand and I am getting this shit out of my house, my life and the fur kids life once and for all. Piece by piece, item by item. As I tackle it, I am doing research and finding good, solid alternatives.

I’ll be offering detox classes as a room by room makeover for the rest of this year, and I’d love to have you all come. I’m going to try to do them live (scary for me) so that you have the ability to go back and use them.

Welcome to the Detox Revolution!