CBS confirms my last blog post…..sadly

So last week I wrote my first blog post in a series about detoxing your house and the hidden number of toxic chemicals that the FDA and others allow into our lives.  THIS IS SCARY SHIT!

Apparently while I was studying about nasty toxic laundry chemicals,  so was CBS.  The article that popped up on my FB page today couldn’t conclude if it was dryer emissions or toxic chemicals in your laundry products but argue the details of the science all you want, one of the two (the dryer itself or the products) released toxic crap into the subjects house!

Does it really matter which one it is?  Honestly none of us are going to go without a dryer.  So we will have to wait for that science to be looked into and determined and regulated, but what you do have control of right now today, is the ability to clean up your products once and for all just get rid of the crap in your house.

The Thieves Premium Starter Kit includes a 15 ML (big) bottle of Thieves oil (this has literally thousands of uses), a toothpaste and a mouthwash, 2 cleaners, 2 foaming hand soaps, 2 sprays, 2 waterless hand purifiers, and even a baby bottle (5ml) of Stress Away, and a bunch of sample goodies. Again this deal is nearly 50% off from buying one item at time, at a $300 value.  While your at it, add the laundry detergent!

Honestly from my early findings on these nasty toxic chemicals we all have got to do something to help keep ourselves and our families safe.  Since the 19540’s prostate cancer is up 200%, Thyroid cancer is up 155% and Brain Cancer is up 70%, and this is with the FDA.  I mean this is kinda crazy that the FDA grandfathered in 100,000 chemicals in 1976 and never did research and never looked into them.  Are we seeing what has happened as a result of that?  We’ll never know and they will never fess up anyway but you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health.

Click this link, or cut and paste depending on your browser, and it will take you to sign up (remember sign up as wholesale to get 24% off retail pricing for the rest of your life whether you ever sell a single thing or just get your own products cheaper!!!) to get a jump start of detoxing your house.  I’ll post more detoxing posts in the coming weeks but I think we all see the need to start and before you clean for holidays and company why not o it safely.



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