EQ – Life Coaching

Did you know if you can control your emotions it makes all the difference in the world as to the outcome?   Just watch the Olympics and literally in every hour you will see someone who had a fall, or a miss who overcame it, and someone who didn’t. The ones who overcame aren’t any different than you or me, they just understand the neuroscience of how their body naturally reacts and practiced controlling it.

If you hate race day, we can fix that. If you hate swimming, that can be fixed (at least the attitude part). If you experience stress loads that are creating an emotional reaction, there are plenty of things we can do. If your job requires public speaking and it freaks you out, there are just ways to get through it other than just practice, and no it doesn’t involve seeing the audience in their underwear. If you just aren’t enjoying your sport anymore, we can work on that too.

Whether it is an event, a sport, or work/life stresses and anxieties, these can be worked on. It is simply a matter of learning what your responses naturally are, and curbing them, maintaining the most positive aspect possible, and practicing.

EQ coaching is done one on one, or in a group setting for teams, with homework given to utilize between sessions.   While everyone is different and every issue is different, there is no set number of sessions needed.


à la carte Pricing:

$70 / hour


5 hours at $60 / hour

10 hours at $50 / hour