Home Life Coaching + Design

So how does this fit in a wellness company I bet is your first question? Since our home is our castle, our sanctuary, the source of our stability and health, let alone our biggest asset, I could ask how does it not fit?

What I have learned by trial and error is a lot. Visual clutter actually creates mental stress for me.

I know that sounds crazy but when you go into a home where everything (mostly) has a place can you breathe easier?   Do you find it easier to see the important things? Is it more comfortable to be in that space and you don’t know why?

We are an overstuffed society and it’s entirely possible we created “keeping up the Jones’s”. But the real key here, is does this work for you. Having been quite sick at one point in my life my home was my sanctuary but I had a lot of time to imagine what I would do different. Each time I came home on crutches, there would be some new challenge that I said my next house would address.

As many of you know I bought my dream cottage this year. Is it perfect, hardly. The previous owners watched way too many DIY projects but didn’t quite have the eye or talent for them, but at 100 years old, we call it charming.

The reason I sold my modern big house was actually very simple. It didn’t fit the life I wanted. When I purchased my big house11 years ago, I bought into the idea that this is what you are supposed to do, you’d never sell if it wasn’t a 3/2, and so on. I can tell you now…none of that is true.

As an Interior Designer (since 1995), there are a few things we know; Form follows function is the design mantra. It can’t just be pretty it has to be functional. It can’t just be functional it has to have appeal. Creating both, is the key. A big house that creates financial stress doesn’t follow the mantra.   A Kitchen you can’t cook in, or a physical layout that doesn’t fit what you want or how you really live, doesn’t work either. But here’s the key, you have to know yourself, and do some homework.

Most times the solutions are very simple and right in front of you. From selecting furnishing and fabrics to helping create a cohesive look out of your own treasures, to creating design plans and working with your Architect and/or Builder, to even helping you declutter and organize, I can do any or all of it.

Since each project is very different work will be quoted per project with á la carte offerings for other services as needed.