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I read somewhere this last week that the most toxic product in our homes was…..ready for this…..fabric softener sheets.  Seriously, fabric softener sheets.  Ouch!  For some of us who do a shit ton of laundry a week this is not what I wanted to hear.  So I looked on snopes ( and while they were denying what the person who made the claim said, they by enlarge proved my point, in that items listed as GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) may indeed not be.  So if I have the choice, no offense to the FDA but y’all have made some major blunders, I’m going to choose the safe way….less chemicals.

So enter my own homework. It seems to me that if I can smell my dryer sheets on my porch, thru a closed door, just sitting in the box, and through out my house just because the box is open….maybe this isn’t good.   Then I tried a certain brand that make little pellets that you can throw in the washer with your detergent that acts as a fabric softener.  Strike 2, ingredients include perfume dispersant, perfumes, and dye and go to the website for actual ingredients.  OK I am reading between the lines a bit but I am not thinking I need a chemical perfume dispersant on things that are touching my skin, which is the largest organ in your body, which we know is porous.

So then I looked at detergents.  I have always liked the pod things.  Until the last few didn’t break open in the wash and stayed stuck to a sheet…throw that one away as good luck, even rewashing didn’t work.  So then I read the back of that container, and one line caught my eye.  If pods stick together, do not try to separate.  Really?  Contains nonionic and anionic sufectants,  ethoxylated polyethylene polyamine and enzymes.  Hmm. I know sufectants and enzymes but the middle word threw me so I googled it. What came up where patents and so on so no help.  Then I pulled the MSDS sheet for my beloved pods…not so good.  Did you know they may cause gastrointestinal distress?  Skin irritation I get, but moderate eye irritation and transient respiratory irritation.  Seriously?

So for the good news.

Wool Dryer Balls (  Pure wool. Nothing else.  Reduces dryer time by 25% , good for 1000 loads, and is $24.95 for 6!  OK you have me interested. So I just tried them today.  No weird smell, didn’t get wound up like bad origami in a dryer full of twin sheets (that’s a miracle in its own right. And indeed sheets dried faster.  These are Fluffies…lol, it’s exactly what they look like!

Fluffies Dryer Balls

Then I tried a plant based laundry detergent.  It’s no surprise I like Young Living products as I like what they stand for so I thought I would try a bottle a few month ago.  What I found out then, was it gets rid of that weird lycra, athletic clothes smell, and the other thing I did notice was that I used so little product.  Literally using 1/4 of a capful for a HE washer. that means I should get 64 loads of out my 32oz bottle.  Plant based cleaner is a win for me.  Even less packaging is a win. Now yes it smells like Thieves going into the wash but not once clothes are out of the dryer which is a win as I don’t want my clothes to really smell like anything.  And then without thinking I went back to my pods.  So when I decided to start my Detox Revolution, I pulled the bottle back out and fecided to read the label.  Still a bunch of ingredients I don’t know, but how about the label that reads free from: SLS, Dyes, Petrochemicals, Formaldehyde (yikes others have this?), Phosphates, Synthetic Perfume and Optical Brighteners….wait optical brightners?  That’s a thing?  Apparently yes.

So I am calling the combo of wool dryer balls and YL Thieves Laundry Detergent a win for me.  Clean product wise, the dryer balls are ridiculously cheap at $4.15 per ball ( my box of dryer sheets had 80 for $5 so 1000 loads would be 13 more boxes), and the detergent is $28.75 per bottle at 64 loads is $.45 a load, my pods were $.42 a load…but I would have to buy 2.5 bags (26 count pods) in order to get the same quantity of loads.  Pretty much an even call that’s a lot better to the environment, less packaging and won’t create digestive distress from something on my clothes.

Hope you enjoyed the first step of my Detox Revolution!  I am sure there are plenty of other products out there but I am using up what I have first  so I don’t have to add a lot of extra products to my century old (translated no storage) home as the goal is to simplify, streamline and find better products as I go!


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