Food may be the best medication we have ever known, yet we all have cravings and make some less than great choices. Honestly, I’m no genius at nutrition. I still like ice cream and pizza, but now I make them as a choice, not a fallback solution because I am tired and didn’t get groceries or I am too tired to cook.

The healthiest way to live is to follow the advice of the French, everything in moderation. Eat the rainbow, control your intake of sugars and carbs and minimize your processed foods. This we all know. But the hard part is to commit to making a change.

Do you need some drastic diet?  No.
Do you need to give up meat or dairy or gluten? No.

You need to do what is right for you. To find that we will use mindfulness techniques and food journaling to help you see not only when and why you crave the lesser quality foods, but also how you react. Once you know what foods are less tolerated in your system, you make the decisions. I have great referral sources if you need skills past my certification, but they will tell you the same thing. Start with the basics, make changes and be proactive in your planning.