Reiki + Energy Work

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that focuses on helping the body and mind find balance.   The work is done fully clothed and doesn’t even necessarily have to involve hands on work. This work is best done in person but can be done via long distance if need be.

In working with the body’s energetic centers (Chakras – translated spinning wheels of lights from Sanskrit) shows us where the body’s energy is imbalanced. From these imbalances can come the basis for dis-ease (uneasiness) or even actual disease.

Typically one chakra is too full of energy while another is deficient. These imbalances can make the person feel overwhelmed on one end but too fatigued to do anything about it on the other end of the spectrum in just one example of the tens of thousands of combinations.   This can happen at any one of the major 7 chakras or at the thousands of smaller chakras in the body.

A session would typically be either 30 or 60 minutes and as we sort through the energies and we find the imbalances I can help you to remove the imbalance to better strengthen the body. Sometimes a client can have an physical or emotional response but mostly the responses are one of relief and lightness.

Reiki can also be done on animals too, please let me know if advance if you are bringing a 4 legged friend so I can have treats ready.

Lastly Reiki, because it involves energy clearing, can also be done in your home or place of business. Have a toxic employee who was terminated, but the office still feels his presence? A tough relationship of any nature can leave a space feeling heavy or cold, sometimes just uncomfortable. Energy can stagnate in corners even, this is where Spring Cleaning comes from. I can help clear out these feelings in the home or office and restore a more comfortable balance.