Time for a Detox

This photo just makes me take a deep breath and feel settled.  Why?  Nature is a detox.  You know how good you feel after walking in the woods, going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, etc.  Why can’t we take that home with us?.  Why can’t we bring that feeling into our homes and our lives.  Why do we settle on just having that feeling when we our on vacation?

The long and short of it is, we can have that feeling but you’re going to have to do some work, make some hard choices and so on.  What brought this to my attention is nearly two weeks ago my middle dog had a lump. We all get that pit in our stomach concerned about what that may mean. I found out last Friday that indeed that pit in my stomach was right, sadly. So that made me do a ton of research this weekend (pubmed.com) and see what was available. I don’t have the money and at 12-1/2 years old I don’t want to put her through anything I don’t have to. This got me thinking.

And then there was the FB article on BPA free plastics being endocrine interrupters (translated really bad for you and future generations of you), and then I looked at my old pan with the dark grey coating (there’s a certain brand name attached) that is scratched, which we know is a carcinogen. Then I remembered a book I read from Kris Carr called Crazy, Sexy Cancer. If you don’t know her story, you should, and honestly you should read this specific book.  Then there’s my own health challenges dealing with auto-immune stuff.  And an upcoming surgery that isn’t going to be a lot of fun, but can I find more holistic ways to get strong and healthier pre-surgery?  And then there is the toxicity of god only knows what in literally every product in the house.  Read some labels if you don’t believe me.

In this day and age where everything it touted as healthy, but seriously seems unhealthy, I gotta be honest….I am over it. I am taking a stand and I am getting this shit out of my house, my life and the fur kids life once and for all. Piece by piece, item by item. As I tackle it, I am doing research and finding good, solid alternatives.

I’ll be offering detox classes as a room by room makeover for the rest of this year, and I’d love to have you all come. I’m going to try to do them live (scary for me) so that you have the ability to go back and use them.

Welcome to the Detox Revolution!

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