Well I didn’t see that coming….

So yesterday my Mom left to go home.  I’m still gimpy but gaining more independence each day.  It’s tough.  I’ll be honest, everything that you don’t think about…I have to make a huge concerted effort at.  Today was making the bed.  Seriously.  That is a lot of effort, and it still looks crappy lol.

Tomorrow if my first morning, getting the dogs out, feeding/watering them, making the bed and just the typical every day morning routine.  That also means an ice pack after.


Anyway, by the end of the day my pain levels were into the shitty range, which I never see coming until it’s in the bad zone.

But a funny other thing happened.  I burst into tears for about 15 minutes.  Nothing happened.  No one thing started the waterfall.  I think the combined frustration of not being able to do what I’ve wanted for years now, combined with the pain, and the walking on egg shells around someone who’s helping but still in my house when I’m used to privacy,  the putting on a brave face, and the last straw was me missing my one dog who was my cuddler, just finally just all collapsed into a stream of tears.  After I was fine.  Like nothing had happened but the weight of the world lifted just a little bit.

Bottom line if there’s more to rehab then just doing your exercises and “being positive”.  It’s fighting you’re way thru when the odds aren’t always great.  It’s keeping going when folks say, you shouldn’t do “x”.  It’s keeping perspective when your kinda turned upside down due to pain, anesthesia, etc.  It’s staying focused but also allowing a release valve to exist and be used do that indeed you can release the stuff that doesn’t work for you.

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