What’s Your Mantra?

I was watching an episode of Fixer Upper, actually one of many, many episodes over the last few weeks.   Anyway they remodeled a home for a wounded warrior and in the shower they added his mantra.

Yeaterday in one of my oil groups an interview surfaced from Janes Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy, who completed 50 full Ironman’s in as many days, each morning in a new state.  He also had a mantra for the last 30 races, after falling asleep on his bike (literally) and wiping out.  He had an 8 minute epiphany literally. Crazy tough dude.

So that got me thinking. We all need a mantra!  I mean I teach it in yoga mind-body classes all the time but why wasn’t I applying it to my life now, when I needed it the most?

So here it is….Make Every Step Count.  Literally, figuratively and metaphorically.  We never know how much time we have on this ride of life.  We don’t know what new circumstances can surface in our health.  But also something as simple as losing power for a chunk of the day, and the mindfulness that it brings as time ticks slower.  It’s all good, so make it count….

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