Yoga Fix Certification

Do you want to deepen your practice? Do you want to learn more about how to take care of your body or modify poses? Do you want to help others who need yoga but aren’t physically able to do the typical classes offered at your local gym or your local studio? These classes aren’t’ wimpy they just take more time to open the body, begin to develop strength evenly and correctly, while focusing on the details of alignment. Meanwhile using everyday tools (lacrosse, golf, and tennis balls, as well as foam rollers) to help relieve pain, soreness and stiffness by learning self-myofascial release?

Come this Fall I will be offering a 200 hour Yoga Fix Certification through Yoga Alliance.   These will allow you to become a basic level teacher to begin to help others or help yourself grow and emerge a skilled body reader!

Please sign up below (need a contact form here). Pricing is $2600 early or $3200 once the session begins (I have a PayPal and square but could add whatever we need). Class size limited to the first 6 people as I want to keep this information available exclusive and taught directly by me and guest staff to keep the integrity of the information.

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